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Harf was established 25 years ago and has developed throughout these years in line with the development of computer technology,keeping pace with the latest updates in the field of programming,internet, solutions, and systems. Therefore, it has become one of the major companies in this field in the Middle East. Harf’s activities have developed and extended to cover the fields of e-learning systems, development of educational and training courses, translation from Arabic into a variety of languages and vice versa, production of software and Arabic and Islamic applications, websites, and e-publishing of paper books

Our Mission

To harness information technology in serving the user in different parts of the world using vital scientific and practical products and projects.

Our Plan

To publish culture, human knowledge, and certified
and approved information, which fulfill the needs of
its different clients

Our Vision

To ensure that our publications do not violate the well-established Islamic rules. This is implemented by presenting them to major religious and jurisprudential bodies in order for them to be reviewed and approved




Development of electronic educational and training systems for universities, institutes, establishments, and companies and systems for the online allocation of university places and admission of university students


Preparation and development of e-learning training curricula and coursesof and the content of Arabic paper books to be published electronically with the facility of multiple search options and indexing services/p>


Translation of Arabic texts into many different languages: European, Asian, and African (more than 11 languages)

Providing technical consultations

Providing technical consultations and automatic solutions for organizations and establishments

Design and development

Design and development of different Islamic websites

Providing hosting

Providing hosting and supervision services for different Islamic websites



Contract with Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University

Cooperation with Al-Azhar University

Projects with Umm Al Qura University

Contract with the Arabic Language Complex

Harf wins the Sheikh Salem Al Sobah Award

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Olaya, Prince Mohamed Bin Abd El-Aziz road (Tahlia road), P.O. Box 64308 KSA

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Tel : +(966) 11 2175292
Fax : +(966) 11 4617085

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