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Company Departments

Multimedia Department


Harf uses macromedia technology to design 2D and 3D cartoons, and uses the latest technology in the field to produce high quality Compact Discs (CDs) that include animated cartoons, Islamic songs, games, comic strips, fables, and novelties, combined with Islamic cultural and educational subjects.....More

Electronic Publishing Department


The preparation of encyclopedias and academic material for electronic publishing at Harf passes through various stages depending on the material to be published and the type of information that needs to be highlighted. The first stage involves transferring the text from the hard copy into a digital format using scanners, electronic reading, or, in case of old books and references, manual data entry. This is followed by a revision stage when the two versions are compared and the accuracy of the digital version is checked, this is subsequently followed by a full language revision using an electronic corrector.....More

Developing Department
  In accordance with Harf’s policy of using new technology to serve Islam, and in order to provide Muslims with correct and authenticated knowledge wherever they are, they have developed their software to function on various new technical platforms.....More

Internet Department
  Harf designs portals and websites with Arabic and Islamic content and interfacing for institutions, organizations, and individuals using the latest information technology (IT). The websites are database-driven and built using a logical approach to facilitate browsing, modification, updating, and management.....More

  E-Learning is the model of education that is expected to prevail in the coming years to become an essential part of the educational process in different educational institutions, and the educational model preferred by most individuals. This gradual trend towards E-Learning is taking place in view of the increasing conviction of the benefits it adds to the different aspects of the educational process and its power to solve most educational problems.....More

Translation Department
  The translation department is considered the cornerstone of the company. It helps the company convey its message: calling for Islam and spreading the right religion, which necessitates communicating with non-Arabs. It is responsible for translating all scientific, technical, literary, cultural, and, especially, Islamic material that the company produces. Moreover, it undertakes the responsibility of translating publications, periodicals, news, and governmental and Islamic websites for major bodies and institutions. In addition, it provides Arabization and translation services in many languages including: English, French, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish, German, Spanish, Urdu, Farsi, Swahili, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew......More

Testing Department
  The Testing Department is one of the most important departments on which Harf Information Technology relies in order to improve and assure the quality of its software whether produced for the Company itself or for a project of a client.....More

Technical Consulting Services Department
  Harf Information Technology has the advantage of not being restricted to the distribution of a certain product, nor does it confine its know-how to a narrow field of programs or technologies, as the company always endeavors to enhance the expertise of its employees in using different technologies.....More

Quality Department
  To support its strategy of spreading Islamic knowledge and culture in different languages to meet the needs of Muslims worldwide, Harf has established a quality control system to ensure the highest standards in all its projects and products.....More

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